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About miagolegno

We make handmade products around the theme of "A product that looks like it was pulled out of an illustration", created by two illustrators from design to production. It all started in 2012 with the creation of The Sand City, which is currently on sale, and went on with The Black Cat and the Crocodile, The Cat Series, The Bird, and The Small Lion. In February 2013, miagolegno became really active, presenting its own exhibition with 20 works and illustrations. They feature colorful nuances, and you can create shadows by taking pieces in and out; all pieces are assembled to prevent scattering them even if you lift them, so that you can move them and decorate various places.

Sand City

About miagolegno's name origin and logo

Miagolegno is a word made up of the Italian words “miagolare”, which means “to mew” in English, and “legno”, which means “wood”. We made it “miagolegno”. From around 2007, we produced accessories with cats as a main motif, and sold them in personal exhibitions. We took the brand name Miagolegno at that time, and still use it today. By the way, did you know that there are two cats hidden in our logo?


About the production methods

As our theme is "a product that looks like it was pulled out of an illustration”, we first draw an illustration freely, with almost no consideration for its solid aspect. There is a lot to do, from the rough sketch lines to the coloring. We then create blueprints of a solid body based on that, designing it so that it will not come apart when lifted. We make our products more interesting by creating unexpected shapes, with the limitation that it should not come apart when lifted. We also think the shape of each part that you can assemble so that it blends into the whole design, to avoid as much as possible the probability to assemble them into a meaningless appearance. The resulting design is then transposed on Japanese katsura tree wood and cut with a thread sawing machine. The surface is polished to the proper thickness for painting and colored with acrylic paint. As it is handmade, the facial expression and patterns can slightly vary. We paint them to be similar, but there are no two identical pieces.




  • 2012.11

    Started miagolegno

  • 2013.2

    Solo Exhibition at Libestgallery, Tokyo

  • 2013.5

    Group Exhibition "Akio Kasuga Toy Collection" at Ikeda Public Museum of Art

  • 2013.7

    Semi grand prix at Toyota Calendar Competition 2014

  • 2013.10

    "3th Anniversary Exhibition of coppice KICHIJOJI" at coppice KICHIJOJI, Tokyo

  • 2014.2

    Participated in "ACTIVE CREATORS" Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2014

  • 2014.2

    Solo Exhibition at Gallery Nekomachi, Tokyo

  • 2014.3

    Sale at Museum Shop ONSUNDAYS in Watari Museum of Contemporary Art

  • 2014.4

    Solo Exhibition at Gallery Face to Face, Tokyo

  • 2014.4

    Sale at Sanseido Jinbo-Cho head office, Tokyo.

  • 2014.5

    Group Exhibition "Sound of Spain" Yamaha Ginza, Tokyo

  • 2014.6

    Sale at Yamaha Ginza 3F, Tokyo

  • 2014.6

    Group Exhibition "Septet" at DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY, Tokyo


minami(Illustrator)/design and color

1999 Graduated from Tama Art University(Graphic Design Department).

<Solo Exhibition/Group Exhibition>
  • "minami illustration" GalleryES, Tokyo
  • "Yuhosha"gallery Rue Nalf, Tokyo
  • "minami suzuki/miagolegno"LIBEST GALLERY, Tokyo
  • "coppice X KICHIJOJI ART PROJECT/minami suzuki Exhibition" coppice, Tokyo
  • Wall painting "LAFORET art work" LAFORET Harajuku, Tokyo
  • Win a prize for "JDN Callendar Design Award 2011"
  • "Illustration exhibition Special selection 2012.january" RECTOVERSO GALLERY, Tokyo
  • "iPhone Case X Artist" Shinjuku Isetan Art Gallery,Tokyo

Past work: advertisement, CD cover, book cover illustration, calendar

⇒ minami website

Hiroyuki Suzuki

Hiroyuki Suzuki(Illustrator)/design and molding design

1991-1994.3, Tama Art University. 1995- Worked at toy package company and technical document company as illustrator. 2001- Work as freelance illustrator.

Past work: Illustration for toy package, annual report, medical magazin, catlog and so on. Instruction manual illustration for car, medical care equipment, camera, mobile phone and so on.

⇒ Hiroyuki Suzuki website
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